Cashindi: Why collect your data?

When connecting to the Internet, please be aware that all websites are able to collect and store information about you via a cookie system. Furthermore, for example, a person who has registered on an online casino site will provide information accordingly.

So why do websites collect information? First, it's a way for the site to understand itself before and after a visit. You can also find out about error messages that users have seen on the site. And it also helps solve that problem.

The information that our site holds about you can help us improve our interfaces and services, research user preferences, and provide promotions tailored to each user.

To put it more simply, this is a way to make the user experience even simpler. For example, why don't you have to enter all the data each time you connect? That's right! This is because the data stored on the website will automatically connect you.

Cashindi: Data Security

Because is a website with HTTPS security, your personal information is securely encrypted. This measure prevents accidental or intentional information leakage. In addition, it uses an advanced encryption technology called 128-bit SSL encryption.

We try our best, but we can't guarantee 100% protection from malicious hackers. However, we have implemented all necessary firewalls to protect users. Users are encouraged to change their online casino password regularly. Then disconnect at the end of the game session.

If you suspect that your personal information has been leaked, please contact Customer Support immediately.

Child protection

Only people over 18 years old can use Cashindi. If a minor accidentally accesses our platform, we will take steps to erase all information about that minor at the request of the parents or legal guardians.

Information & Third Party

First, if the ownership of Cashindi changes, all databases on this site will belong to the new owner. In addition, please note the purpose of this platform to guide you to online casinos.

As a result, tracking techniques are being used to detect online casinos that you visit after visiting our site. In addition, we may also exchange your information with these websites to improve our services.

Also, these other online casino websites have privacy policies. You must read the online casino's privacy policy before you register.

However, CasinAsia does not assume any liability for the information you provide to third party websites. In the context of legal proceedings, your data may be transferred in response to a court order.

Finally, Cashindi uses tools from Google Analytics. If you don't want Google to use your personal information, don't forget to disable the "Share data" setting. 

Data changes

Finally, be aware that you may benefit from the right to erase your data from online casino databases. You also have the right to erase data on our platform.

You can also modify the data. In most cases, the best way is to contact the customer service of the site directly.

If you suspect a material infringement of your rights regarding personal information, please contact the customer service of your online casino or the data protection agency directly.

Cashindi wishes you the best of luck and enjoyable gaming experience at your online casino.