Top 5 Tricks for Playing Online Roulette

Top 5 Tricks for Playing Online Roulette

There are two types of online roulette, the first one being the computer-generated graphics for the wheel and the live dealer games where players will engage the casino via a live webcam. While the online casino games offer high-profit margins with the games moving along quicker, some players cannot play roulette online, thus the introduction of the live dealer, which if you could try, offers the actual casino feel.

How to play online Roulette

Before you find your favorite roulette wheel remember that this is a casino game of chance, and the game has a consistent house edge configured to ensure that the casino makes more money. There are, therefore, a few tips and tricks that we will discuss later in this article that will put you in a better position to win the roulette online. 


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So, on the online casino, the betting time opens with instructions on the screen that notify the players that wagers can now be placed, and concerning the roulette variant, players will have some short time to place their bets. Remember that once the betting window is closed you can no longer post your wager so it would do you some good to be faster and wager within the time frame. 

The potential betting areas will then be highlighted if you could just hover over them, and the complex chips pattern like the racetrack bets will be correctly placed immediately you click on a button. The online roulette allows players to place any number of bets just by clicking the mouse, and if by any chance you are playing on the Evolution Speed Roulette, then you could be allowed to place bets while the ball is spinning. 

And if by chance you are betting on a live webcam, the croupier will drop the ball on the spinning wheel and when the ball eventually rests, the roulette rule explicates that the dealer will announce the winning number with information on where the number appears on the betting layout. 

Top 5 tricks for playing online roulette

For beginners playing the online roulette can seem intimidating at first but if you can master the below basic steps then you are good to go. So the first very basic thing that you have to do is research for a legit casino that will not only pay out your winnings in time but will offer you fair gameplay. The above also concerns the type of roulette wheel that you chose to settle with, most people, therefore, avoid the American wheel thus opt for the European wheel, as it is known to reduce the house edge by half. 


  • Be conversant with the roulette table layout and the odds-research on the bet minimums of the different online casinos, and then check on the varied online tables because some sites will feature the one “o” and others the “oo” at the top of the table, which will directly affect your winning odds; the reason you need to find the right table. 


Did you know that your chances of winning the roulette by betting on one number are very slim, and on the flip side you could also win less money by betting on multiple numbers? So as a rule of thumb, you stand a better winning chance by playing the outside, or by splitting your bet to cover several numbers on the board, half the board, on an entire row or column. 

Don’t make the mistake of placing a wager on one number. 


  • Don’t play without a betting strategy- if you play the roulette without a strategy then two things will happen, first, your bankroll will bear the brunt and second, you will be beaten hands down. So one of the best roulette strategies that you can implement is making smaller bets on the inside numbers that are known to pay out 35:1, and if you are out to fatten your bankroll, you can bet on the red or black, because they offer better odds. 


Additionally, it is advisable to try out different betting systems not that any of them will come through for you but you just never know where your luck lies. One common strategy is the Martingale system that is based on a mathematical system, and with all the bells and whistles of its credibility, this system could be pretty useless to you, the reason you should tuck under your sleeve more betting strategies.


  • Mindset: roulette is a game of chance- one of the worst mistakes that you can make when playing the casino games is going in with a fixed mind that you must win and you will win. Remember that roulette is very different when compared to other table games, such as blackjack or poker. So your ability to win is totally dependent on luck or chance and you have absolutely no control over that. 


So with the above in mind, a bankroll strategy will come in handy to help you keep a tight noose on the money that you are risking on the single spins. 


  • Don’t fail to practice – they say practice makes perfect and for the roulette, players even become more conversant with the rules and the probable winning strategies. You will also be able to know what bets are likely to pay out and consequently know when to stop. Besides, online casinos are meant to be fun spots and not a get rich quick scheme, so as you play ensure that you are also having fun. 



Important roulette tips 

Alcohol and money have a very deep relationship and can cause so much stress when engaging the online casino games, more so the roulette; it would, therefore, be in your best interest to stay away from alcohol because you will surely make the wrong decisions and lose a lot of money. You want your head clear and consciously ready to alternate between different betting strategies as you increase your chances of winning. 

Another tip that will come in handy as you play the online roulette, is to engage the live casino once in a while and challenge yourself to a game. Lastly, don’t bet more than you are willing to lose because chances are that you will be on a losing streak before you hit your first win.

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