Lottoland India

Lottoland India

Lottoland is an online casino and lottery site based in Gibraltar and gives players a chance to play casino games online and buy online lottery tickets for the international lotteries. Lottoland is a well-established company in the online gaming industry and has a strong presence in over 30 countries. The online betting company is privately owned, and both the company and the website are operated by EU Lotto LTD.

Lottoland quickly gained a stronghold in the betting industry after its establishment 7years ago (2013); the manager of the overall decisions and the operations of the company is Nigel Birell who is also the CEO. Lotto land is now available in India and the natives now have the opportunity of potentially bagging the World’s biggest lotto jackpots as they have been provided with the opportunity to wager on the outcome of some of the biggest and the best lotto draws.

Creating an account with lottoland is a breeze and in less than 10 minutes it should be up, however, you will have to wait for it to be verified before you can successfully play a process that might take longer than anticipated. Still, on the cons of Lottoland, the online betting site is not very generous when it comes to the welcome bonuses, so don’t be too optimistic.

However, you can expect to interact with the best and active customer support service and winners can be sure of receiving their winnings no matter how huge the amount. The company is registered and regulated, so if you win the higher tier prizes, you will have to pay the lotto bet prize; Lottoland is 100% legit and has licenses that prove they can make the payouts.

Lottoland Lottery

Lottoland has a total of 33 lottery games on site, which is a huge number when compared to what other prominent betting sites offer. The website allows punters to play lottery games, and scratchcards online. Among the 33 single play lottery games are such as the MEGA MILLIONS, where the jackpots start with a determined sum from the ticket sales and interest; if the players fail to win the jackpot, the next drawing will have grown bigger, as the jackpot increases every time.

Megamillions came into life back in 1996 but went by the name “The Big Game,” it quickly grew in popularity and over time it has had various name changes first “The Big Game Mega Millions,” to the current “Mega Millions.” Another interesting lottery game in Lottoland is the US Powerball, and here players will select about five numbers ranging from 1 to 69, but that is for the white balls. They will then select one number from 1 to 26, which is for the red Powerball.

They will then proceed to choose their numbers on a pay slip or let the lottery terminal to pick the numbers randomly. To win the big prize players will have to at least match one of the 9 winning ways. And just like the Mega Millions, the Powerball jackpot grows until someone wins.

Lottoland Asia

Lottoland Asia received a rather warm welcome in Asia after its launch on Aug 11, 2019, and the social media platforms such as Twitter was abuzz with enthusiasts applauding the move. The company is strategic on growing its roots deep in Asia and in 2019 August through its twitter handle announced the introduction of the 4 premier lottery games, which incorporated new games where players could win real money, the above was in a bid to celebrate India’s Independence day and relate with the locals.

Lottoland additionally ran promotions and limited offers in Asia where players were being encouraged to play and win the jackpot prize that had escalated past ₹900 Crores. Lottoland Asia is a chance for the locals to participate in some of the most popular lottery games, without getting up from their couches. Boasting a rating of 4 out 5, lottoland Asia has devised a way of providing the casino with specific identification, which includes the provision of personal photos.

And as we have already established Lottoland Asia does not run short of lottery games and bets can be placed at any time of the day; the incorporated player profile in personal accounts will reveal details of the bet status and the cherry on top are the live dealer games. The latter are, however, limited and the games are never available throughout, thus you can check the site for availability.


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Lottoland Winners

Given the number of lottoland winners and the huge prizes that they have managed to bag, it is only safe to say that gambling is the only viable shortcut that can take you from grass to grace, but remember it all depends on luck.

Lottoland doesn’t have even a single winner from India, we have, however, consolidated a few of the biggest winners who prove that Indians still have the potential to scoop the big wins. First on our list is Christian, who for security reasons decided not to show her face to the world. Christina took home up to ₹700 Crores which is equal to € 90million.

Christina’s win is the perfect grass to grace story as she quickly transitioned to a millionaire from a cleaner ready to tour the great United States while taking care of her mother. We then have Matthias and as usual, no face to the money, the gentleman with the help of his better half managed to scoop up to ₹170 Crore the equivalent of € 22.3 million. And to fulfill some of his bucket list wishes, the 36-year-old was out shopping for a new Ferrari.

Last on our list is the 56-year-old woman from Australia, who decided to remain completely anonymous after winning ₹6.1 Crore, her winnings came after betting on the Megamillions.


Online betting does not guarantee a win, and it is, therefore, a game that people use to pass time, make money, and have fun in the process. As a beginner, there are very high chances that you will engage a few losing streaks as you begin but once you learn the ropes, things will be a bit smoother as your pocket will be lined with cash. Betting is not everyone's cup of tea and if you are completely green then the best thing would be to find the online sites that run bonuses before sign up.

Some sites allow winners to win real money with the condition of depositing before withdrawal, and that is the reality of betting, the house is out to make money, it is, therefore, more of a give and take relationship. If you are out to make money betting ensure that you settle with the game that you understand and can play without tension, as you will stand a better chance of winning.

Betting is all about fun and once you stop having fun while betting then there is no need to play. Punters should additionally ensure that they bet with a sober mind, (avoid alcohol), know when to stop and once you win real money, you will have to master the art of walking away or risk losing the cash altogether.

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