How to play casino blackjack

How to play casino blackjack

This game is known as one of the greatest and most famous one in the casino world. If you want to know how to play casino blackjack, you should mix your skills, intuition and cold blood. It is considered as one of the most classic gambling games.


 About game history and how to play casino blackjack


We can say that it has been played since century XVI but we  really don’t know who created the game or when was it created. Miguel de Cervantes expressed in one of his books the existence of this activity. This fact says a lot about how famous is the game since too many years ago. 


It is also known  as "Twenty one". If you want to learn how to play casino blackjack, you should also memorize this name because that's the goal! You should have 21 in your cards or at least, be near of this number.


If you have more than 21, you lose, if you have less, you can ask for a car to  add up or stay. If you are lucky, you will hit up the table and win the prize.


Casino blackjack is simple, it doesn't matter if you are playing online, in a casino or with your friends. Today, we will share some tips and strategies on how to play casino blackjack and challenge your friends with this popular card game.

How to play casino blackjack: Value and gameplay

1) The values of the cards


First to learn to understand how to play casino blackjack is cards’ value. As a rule, a 52-card deck with no wild cards is used to play. Each card in casino Blackjack has a value that will always be constant throughout the duration of the game and which corresponds to the card’s number or figure.


For numbered cards, namely 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10, their number will determine the value of that card, while all the figures worth 10. So, a card with the value numbered "eight", regardless of his suit, will have a value of eight, while a king either another figure worth 10 exactly


How to play casino blackjack also will depend on how you use your aces cards. Its value will be considered equal to 11 unless the score obtained is greater than 21. In that case, it will add just 1 to your summary...


All you need to know are the few basic rules and simple mathematical calculations before you start betting real money.

2) The purpose of the game


Unlike other games, casino blackjack is played against the dealer. The goal is to get a score as close to 21 as possible but without exceeding it. In case you don't score 21, your goal will always will be to get the highest score in the table but not overgoing 21.


In the event that 21 is exceeded, you just lose. For example, if a player has a 10 plus 8, with a score of 18 and the dealer has a 9 and an 8, with a score of 17, the player will be the one with the highest score and closest to 21, so he will be the winner.


The strongest hand in casino Blackjack is given by any card that is worth 10 and an ace, which results in 21 numbers in your hand.

3)How to play casino blackjack depending where you are


How to play casino blackjack depends on your area: casino Blackjack is a simple game to understand, but it requires some skill at the same time. There are several early game versions. For example in Europe, the cards that are revealed will be one for the bank and two for each player.


In the United States, the game is played differently: at the start of each game, both the dealer and the players are dealt two cards. Normally, the player's cards are dealt face up, while the dealer's cards are dealt one face down while the other face up.


It won't be a problem if the other players see your hole cards, but the idea is to not let anyone to. In casino Blackjack, in fact, the challenge is only against the dealer.


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Options players have and should know


On turn, a player will have 3 options available. The first option requires the player to ask for a new card from the dealer. This option, known with the term "hit", can be repeated until the maximum score of 21 is exceeded and must always be preceded by a bet.


The second option instead, requires that the player does not ask for any cards and "stays" with those already owns and passes turn.


However, in certain situations you may have additional possibilities. The third option is that the player, unsure of his cards or sure of the strength of the croupier's cards, leaves the hand and loses the money he had previously bet.


There are also several strategies that the player can use to increase their chances of winning or minimize their losing streaks:




If the dealer's face up card and is an Ace, players have the option to purchase insurance for 50% of the stake.


 For example, if a player has wagered € 100 to insure his hand against a possible dealer’s Blackjack, he will have to purchase $ 50 insurance. If the dealer actually has a Blackjack, the player will lose his initial bet but will receive a 1: 1 win on the insured amount, then he will receive € 100.


 In addition, all other hands of players who have not requested insurance will be automatically considered losers. The dealer will collect their bets and the hand will end. In case that one of the players also has a Blackjack, it will be a tie and he will receive his original bet back, while the hand will end.



If with the first two cards anyone have from 9 to 15 points, they can double the bet at the time of the call but by committing to ask for only one card, and after receiving this card the player must stop.



If in the first deal the player receives two cards of the same value he can split and that is: separate the two cards and add an equal bet on the second; continue the game as if the player had two first cards; add one card on each separate card.  In the case of two Aces, double play is allowed but with the right to a single call.

Push or Draw


There is a tie when the banker and a player have totaled the same value with their cards. In the event of a tie, the player will receive back the amount of money or chips placed.


As you have seen, in addition to being very easy to learn how to play casino blackjack and also really fun and exciting.  Go here if you want to know more about the blackjack rules. 


 Now that you've read the article on how to play casino blackjack, are you ready for a game?

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