Indian Poker

Indian Poker

If you like poker games, you need to check out one of the most popular poker variations known as Indian poker. This is an interactive game that is often played by friends. Some people like referring to it as the blind man's bluff. It is different from other card games since you get to see all the cards in the game except your cards.

If you choose to play this poker variation, you have to place your card on your forehead even if you don't know what it is. Since you get the opportunity to see the rest of the cards, you should use the available data to come up with a good strategy to defeat your opponents. Every other player also gets the chance to see your card apart from you.

While some people play Indian poker to earn extra cash, most friends consider it a drinking game. Since this is a fast-paced poker game, you have to understand its rules to succeed in it. Like the rest of the poker variations, Indian poker is a game of bluff and ambiguity. Some new players assume that just because they can see every other card being used to play, it makes the game simple. Experts, however, reveal that having additional data does not make Indian poker any easier. 

In other poker games, you get to calculate the strength of your hand without knowing what your opponent's cards are. Indian Poker is a bit different since you need to figure out your odds of beating the cards that your opponents have with no knowledge of what your hand is. Though the game is a bit complicated, you should play Indian Poker for fun. Though gaining skills can boost your chance of winning in Indian poker, luck is also a factor that plays a role.


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How to play Indian poker

Most people choose this poker game due to its versatility. Unlike the rest of the casino games, this poker game does not come with a specific set of rules. It allows you to adjust different parts of the game based on your preference. The only rule that remains constant in Indian poker is the inability to see your own card, but other player's cards remain visible to you.

You should also beware of the different variations of this game. Though the use of cards and bets keeps on varying depending on the variation you choose, the basic concept in this game remains the same. Formulating a winning strategy with no knowledge of your cards is how to play Indian poker. You can play this poker variation with 2-4 more gamers. Though more players can make the game quite enjoyable, formulating a winning strategy, in this case, becomes harder.

At the beginning of this casino game, the dealer issues a single card to each player facing down. Every player has to stick the card on their forehead without looking at their cards. This is a reversed poker game. Your aim in Indian Poker is to bluff your opponents with the cards that they receive and compel them to stay in this game for longer. Since the other players don't also know what cards they receive, you can make them believe that they have received a high card. Since things in this game flow in reverse, you have to use the data available to make your opponents get punished every time they fall into your trap.

Just like in other card games, Indian poker is played with 52 cards. As you play this game, you have different options. For instance, you can call, raise, or fold. Calling involves betting the specific amount that the previous player wagered. Folding involves not betting and laying down cards. Some players fold when they feel that they have weak cards.

The betting rounds have to continue until every player has made their move. Once betting is over, the showdown starts. If you manage to get a higher ranking card than any other player, you win the game. The cards are dealt depending on the specific variation you choose to play. A regular Indian poker game involves only a single card for every player. A community card is not necessary for such a game. In other variations, every player can receive two or more cards.

Where to play Indian poker

If you are ready to play Indian poker, you should focus on reputable sites that can give you an enjoyable experience. Though many sites nowadays allow people to play Indian poker for real money, some of the sites are not well regulated. You should compare various sites until you find one that can meet all your needs. Some of the gambling sites come highly recommended due to their solid histories and great reputation. You should consider playing Indian poker from the following casinos.

Pure casino

Though some people like playing Indian Poker for fun, you can try making money from the game through this betting site. Pure casino gives you a chance to play different Indian Poker types, including one card poker, Indian stud poker, and Match pot betting. By offering different versions of this game, it ensures that no player gets bored.

The site is also keen on offering a safe betting atmosphere to play Indian poker without any worries. You can even utilize the different promotions available at this site to boost your bankroll as you play such poker games. Pure casino offers a welcome bonus and weekly reload bonuses. These encourage many gamers to continue engaging in the game from this site. Unlike most sites, Pure Casino welcomes international players. You can even make payments to bet on this game through cryptocurrency.


Access different Indian poker variations from Nyspins casino. This site allows you to play games such as Indian Texas Hold'em, one card poker, match pot betting, or Multi-Card poker. Gamers like playing Indian poker from this site due to the excellent customer support it offers. In case you have an issue with particular aspects such as banking or how to claim your bonus, you can always get assistance from agents who are always on standby. The betting site even encourages gamers to bet responsibly.

10Cric casino

You can also choose to play Indian Poker from one of the most popular Indian based sites known as 10Cric. This casino works with different software developers that keep on introducing new variations of Indian poker. It also offers some generous bonuses that come with lenient wagering requirements. If you don't like casinos that keep you waiting for your winnings for long, you should consider 10Cric. Once you start making wins as you play Indian Poker for real money, you should expect your payments within a few days.

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