3 types of online table games

3 types of online table games

Though most people like playing slot games, experienced gamblers prefer table games. These are exciting games that give you a chance to brainstorm as you implement different skills. By playing different online table games, you can make some extra cash.  Some of the table games you should consider including the following.

American Roulette

If you are searching for a simple table game that you can learn fast, you should consider American Roulette. This is an interesting table game that you can learn within a few minutes. The casino game is available on various platforms, including online, mobile, and brick and mortar sites. The table game is played on a table that contains numbers from 0-36. To play this table game, you can either place bets on a group of numbers or individual ones. It comes with a house edge of 5.2%. You can start playing American Roulette right now, at one of the top rated casinos in India, 10 Cric.

The numbers come in different colors. You should predict where you think the roulette ball will settle once the roulette wheel stops turning. If you manage to make the right prediction, then you win the game. All the numbers in this game have an equal chance of settling in any division. You should also get familiar with the different bet types you can make if you choose to play American roulette.


One of the online table games that receive a lot of attention in most betting sites is craps. This is an exciting dice game that you can play for long without getting bored. It involves predicting the outcome of dice. People like engaging in craps since it offers different wagering options. Though the types of bets you can make in this table game are numerous, you should focus on a few and learn everything about them.

If you are not new to craps, you can make prop bets. Though this type of bet is risky, the payouts are quite high compared to the rest of the bets. For you to enjoy playing this dice game, you should learn more about its payout odds and the house edge. Since Sic Bo is a fast-paced game, you have to be quick with the bets you make. In land-based sites, the craps table provides room for up to 20 players.

Sic Bo

If you have been playing craps and are looking for another exciting dice game, you should check out Sic Bo. In this dice game, you get a chance to place wagers on the outcome of at least three dice. The sic bo table is not very different from the roulette. Since this is a luck-based game, it is easy to learn and win. In Sic Bo, you have to decide whether you want to make a small or big bet.

This is one of the online table games that pay out 1 to 1. Since it comes with a small house edge, you can make significant wins from mastering this game. Though Sic Bo gives you the option of placing multiple bets at a go, you should not do this when you are still learning the basics.

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