Why Should I Play Casino Table Games?

Why Should I Play Casino Table Games?

Table games are not only interesting but the odds are way better when compared to the slots, casino table games players can attest to this; take for example, if you place a bet of $100 and you win then you will have gotten $100 profit to the $100 that you had initially risked. So, what happens is that the player gets a profit of $100 but gains a loss of their $100 bet if they lose the hand.

Online Casinos are like dream houses and on most occasions, people walk out with fulfilled dreams; the table games, therefore, offer brief moments of escape from reality, while the thrilling excitement and fun coupled with the capability to win profits makes playing the table games online worthwhile. So while a good percentage of punters are into playing the slots, table games tend to offer much more rewards as well as loses check below.


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Reasons for playing casino table games

It is easy to win at the table than on the slots- when it comes to playing the casino table games, it’s all about the mathematics most of which have been adopted from the older table game contests. And even though in the past it wasn’t easy for players and the casino to win a lot of money, over time the tables have been modified to attract higher-profit margins.

Table games are all about strategy – players who have managed to lower the house odds have basically implemented some strategy, take for example the players that tend to win multiple games in a row. Kerry Packer is the perfect example of a strategist given that he walked away with up to $7 million in one night. And even though the details of the rounds that he played have not been revealed, it is very clear that he played more than one round.

The above story is just one of the biggest blackjack wins in history that stretches back to 1991; the game is, therefore, available both at the tables and online and offers the best winning odds. Besides, it’s only at the table games that you can win more by implementing a perfect strategy when compared to online gambling.


Enables bonding between friends- the casino table games offer friends a battleground where they can square it out. Four or five friends can come together and have fun gambling as they are being cheered on, and the good thing with this option is that there is a lot of fun going on, and on isolated occasions, you will find that the whole table could win or just one player, giving an opportunity to scheduling another table game.

Table games are a bit slower- there are various forms of online betting, such as betting in the live games, or playing the online roulette or the blackjack. In these games players need to think fast and be very attentive, to play their moves fast before the house beats them. For the tables it is now vice versa because most of the hands take a minute or two to resolve, players inadvertently get enough time to contemplate their next move thus play more accurately.

And if you can think through it the casino table games tend to offer fewer opportunities for the house to attack your bankroll and that is why the online casinos are more profitable than the tables.

Table games are more flexible- you know you can never walk away from the slot machine when you begin playing because your replacement is just lurking in a corner somewhere waiting for you to step away and they jump into your position. The tables on the other hand, give players up to 20 minutes to step away from the table, while the dealer watches the chips on the felt and at the same time preserves the seat for the players. The time that the players take helps them to cool off and re-collect for the next game.

Table games encourage socialization- there is more to life than the table games, and life must continue after the weekends at the casinos. When compared to online gambling, playing at the table allows players to study their opponent's playing strategy, which could be quite exhilarating, besides there is that feeling of uneasiness when you are sitting across people that you have never met before and wanting to know more about them.

And it is from here that networks are created, business negotiations are made, and consequently, other interactions are arranged away from the casinos.

New Casino Table Games

Technological innovations have taken the world by storm and so have the new online casino games, we are, therefore, taking a little shift from the common classic table games and introduce you to some of the newest casino table games in the industry. There are a great number of casinos like Voodoo Dreams Casino  that are constantly updating their collection of games with new table games. Here are the best and newest table games that you should try: 

  • Triple Zero Roulette- is among the new table games, with 30 slots, and you will find it labeled as 000; what stands out most about this game is that the odds have been configured to favor the casinos. Players who have played the not so common new casino table game consider it as having the worst house edge thus tricks gamblers to make money for the casinos.


  • Dice Duel- is a new casino game played with two dice, one that is colored red and the other blue, with the sides numbered from 1 to 6 pips. To play the game the dice are put into a dice-box by the presenter who will then shuffle and roll them on the game table. The game has several bets available, which are dependent on the roll of both dice.


  • Poker Bo- is a poker game thus belongs to the poker family, to play the game players are to bet on the poker value of five cards. The game is believed to contain the elements of draw poker and sic bo. Players in this game have the liberty to choose the betting option that they would want to place and can bet on more than one option.


  • S7REAK- is a new unique type of casino game that premiered back in 2018; to play the game the dealer will deal with player cards face up until he retains one of each color or has either achieved seven cards.


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