How to Play Poker Online

How to Play Poker Online

The beauty of online poker is that you can find poker games anytime you want and at anyplace provided your device can support them. Online poker is also much faster when compared to live poker meaning that you can lose as many times as you can win profits in one day, online poker also tends to be less risky.

Enthusiasts can play online poker for real money or for free, so if you are still getting to know the ins and out of poker you can try it for free online and once your skills are horned then move to the real money online poker. Besides, among most of the gambling games, poker seems to be the only one that rewards a punter's intellectual ability, as you need to think through the strategy that you employ.

Online poker variations explained 

Online poker comes in many variations which can be broken down into four major categories and these are; The stud poker, where cards will be dealt in a predetermined order of face-down and face-up rounds, complete with a round of betting following each. The Straight poker, happens to be one of the oldest poker family, and here a complete hand will be dealt to the players, who will then bet in a single round.

We then have the Draw poker, which is also unique with the five-card draw being the most popular variation. In this game, complete hands are dealt face down to the players, and once the first round is complete, players may decide to discard the cards and consequently collect new ones.

Lastly, we have the community card poker; players in this game will receive an incomplete hand of cards with the face-down and several community cards with the face up, which will be dealt to the center of the counter. Players will then be required to use these cards with their player cards and that is to make a 5 card hand.


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Playing online poker explained

You will first sign up to the various online poker sites, and proceed to deposit funds into your account and you can now start playing. We recommend you should go for NySpins and check out their NYSpins Bonus to get the most of your poker games.  So given the many variations of online poker, you will have to choose the game that you want to play via the lobby interface and you can choose from the various tournaments to the cash games available.

After choosing a poker game that you are comfortable with a dealer will then deal cards to each player, so if you are going to play Texas Hold 'em Hand Ranking, which is also the most common there are some basic hand rankings that you will have to familiarize yourself with. You can start playing online poker using one of these online casinos.


The Royal Flush- this is one of the solid arrangements and it can never be beaten, and mind you it is one of the most famous hands in poker cards.

The straight Flush- consists of a sequence of five cards that in case of a tie then the highest rank at the top of the sequence will win.

Four of a kind- the sequence here is four cards all of the same rank, complete with one side kicker that in the event of a tie the player with the highest side automatically wins.

Full House- here you will get two sequences with two cards of a matching rank and three cards of the same rank. If the games end up in a tie then the highest three matching cards will automatically wins.

Flush – here you will meet five cards not arranged in sequence but of the same suit, so when there is a tie the player with the highest-ranked card will win.

Straight- the cards under this title are in sequence and the highest-ranking card that is no top of the sequence will win, the cards are non-suited.

Three of a kind- so here you will get two unrelated side cards complete with three cards of the same rank. If the game ends in a tie under this title, you will have one of two options, there could be a player with the highest or the second-highest side card will win the game.

Two Pair- the five cards under this title have been divided into three categories, you will, therefore, get two cards of a matching rank and two cards of a different matching rank complete with one kicker. So if both the players have an identical two pair then the highest kicker wins.

The Pair- players, in this case, will get up to three unrelated cards and two others that are of a matching rank, and if the game ends in a tie there are up to three available options to select the winner, so the player with either the highest or the second and the third-highest card wins.

The high card- basically summarizes what happens in the above categories, so the hands that will not be able to qualify in any of the above categories in the event of a tie then the highest card will win, for example, the ace-high.  

The above poker hands have different values in the online poker game, with the highest-ranked card being the royal flush, and the last one being the high card or no pair. And as indicated above when the game reaches its end then the highest-ranked hand takes the win.

Among the poker rules, we also have the Blinds and Ante Bets, found in two games “Texas Hold Em,” and “Omaha,” and here you will get the big and small blinds and this are the bets that players are required to make before, being given any cards.

As you learn poker, you will realize that it has some of the most flexible rules, for example, there are games with no-limit betting, meaning that a player can bet as much as they like and at any point in the hand with the option of going all in. But if you wish to play a game with limits, you can go in with the Pot Limit, where the relevant size of the pot creates an upper limit on the amount of money that a player can bet.


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